Infection in Puerto Rico

Turns out PR is a pretty freakin sweet place to be if you have an infection! The local pharmacy in Old San Juan (where we’re staying) was able to give me antibiotics for a dollar per pill. And I didn’t need to go to an urgent care to get a prescription. In fact, no prescription was needed!!

So if you’re thinking about traveling somewhere warm and magical, Old San Juan is spoonie friendly!


I usually love thunderstorms.  I love the smell, the sounds, the looks, everything.

Today however, it is not love.  Or it is, but an echo of love in the heartache I’m feeling.  I feel torn like the lightning ripping across the sky.  Empty like the sound a second after the thunder claps.  And the rain is too easy to mirror in my tears.

I’m barely holding together.  I can only hope that the storm will pass, and I will see a beautiful friendship in a following rainbow.  I hope with every breath, wish with every star, and love with every beat of my heart.